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To Be Successful in Math

Succcess in Mathematics can be summed up in 4 Words:

Preparation:  Come to class everyday.  Be on time everyday.  Bring with you all materials you need for class everyday (papers, pencils, pens, etc).  This also includes preparing your mind for class.  Get enough sleep and eat well.  Put other distractions out of your mind while you are in class. 

Effort:  Effort is the only thing that you have control over.  Effort is the great equalizer.  If you don't understand something, keep trying, try harder and you will get it!  If you work hard, you can achieve anything.  Believe it! 

 "Great opportunites are cleverly disguised as impossible situations"

Respect:  Respect is earned.  Learning happens when you show respect for yourself (completing your work, telling yourself you CAN do MATH); show respect for your teacher (controlling talking, coming to class and turning in assignments on time); and show respect for your fellow students  (no put downs). 

Integrity:  Integrity has to do with your character.  Fortunately, studying Math gives you many character-building opportunities!  Honesty is very important.  An honest person does not take short-cuts to learning, but always does his/her own work and asks for help when needed.  A person with integrity does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. 


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