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About Dennis Yates


Hello.  My name is Dennis Yates.



     I am a native-born Oklahoman and proud of it.  I graduated from

Henryetta High School in 1976.  I graduated from East Central

University in 1981.  I earned a master degree from Southwestern

Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 1984.  I have studied 

Greek, Hebrew and Spanish. 

     My lovely wife, Angela Yates, teaches in the Lindsay school system. 

Together we have four children, and we are very proud of each one. 

Their names are Matthew, Sarah, Joshua and Kaitlin. 

     English is my native language.  I truly believe that the study of a

foreign language helps a person improve his or her own native language

skills.  I suspect that I learned more English than Greek while studying

Greek in seminary.  The similarities between Greek and Spanish are

what led me to the study of Spanish.  The mastery of language is a

lifetime pursuit which no one completely masters.  Every day can and

should be a learning experience. 

     My hope (goal) is that by successfully completing these two Spanish

courses students will not only improve their English skills, but also 

have a strong foundation in the Spanish language: a foundation which

they can build upon in the future. 

    Thank you for visiting my information page.

                                      Dennis Yates                                               



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