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Geometry End-of-Instruction Test Information

Geometry End-of-Instruction Test

This online multiple-choice test is administered in two sections, each approximately 60 minutes in length, with up to an additional 20 minutes for testing directions.  The test is not strictly timed.  Testing sessions for students who need more time can be extended.  However, some studies have shown that more than one hour of additional time can contribute to a decrease in student scores.  This additional time is available as an immediate extension of the testing session; it is not available as a seperate session at another time.

Students who finish a test section early should make sure their work is complete and are encouraged to check and verify their answers within that section prior to closing their test booklets or saving and exiting an online test.  Once a test section has been completed, students will not be allowed to return to that section.

Calculators may be used on the ACE Geometry End-of-Instruction Assessment.

Subject-specific Requirements

  • ACE Algebra I and ACE Geometry:  Scientific calculators meeting general requirements may be used on all/specificied sections.

General Requirements

  • Calculators are permitted but are not required .
  • Calculator capabilities described for a specific subject give the maximum capabilities allowed; calculators with less capability are acceptable.
  • Students may not share calculators
  • Students may use their own calculators or those provided by the school.
  • Calculators that have paper tape must have the tape removed.
  • Calculators with power cords must have the cord removed.
  • All calculators must have the memory cleared before and after the test session.
  • Any programs or applications must be removed prior to the test session.

Prohibited Calculators

  • Pocket organizers
  • Handheld or laptop computers
  • Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices
  • Calculators built into cellular phones or other electronic communication devices.
  • Calculators with a typewiter keypad (QWERTY format)
  • Calclators with programs or applications that cannot be removed or disabled (e.g., Polynomial Root-Finder and Simultanious Equation Solver on TI-86)
  • Calculators with built-in computer algebra systems.

Test Security and Validity

  • Using a calculator that does not meet the above requirements invalidates the test results and is a violation of test security and test validity.  Any violation will be reported to the State Superintendent and may result in revocation of teaching and/or administrative certificates.



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