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Weekly Assignments


Each nine weeks, we will focus on one of the basic math fact operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This is a grade in our gradebook (we will take a grade approximately every 4 weeks). Studying their current MathFact level is part of each student's homework EVERY NIGHT! 


Each week, our class studies a list of spelling words (usually the list is based on a phonics skill). During the school day, we complete various activities to practice the correct spellings of the words on our list. Studying the current list is part of each student's homework EVERY NIGHT! We usually take a test on the current list of spelling words on Friday of each week.


Each week, the students are responsible for reading at least one AR book in their "zone," depending on the length of the book (for example, a student reading books worth 1 point will be able to read two or three books during the week, while a student that is reading books worth 3 points may only be able to finish one book in the same amount of time). All students are responsible for working toward meeting their AR goal for the current nine week period, and a grade will be given each week based on the student's progress toward that goal. Reading their AR book for 15-20 minutes is part of each student's homework EVERY NIGHT!

Each week, we will be studying a reading skill (such as sequence or making generalizations) and a reading strategy (such as using story structure or visualizing to help the reader better understand what is being read). We will be using a combination of classroom discussions, graphic organizers, practice pages, and writing activities as part of our "reading" curriculum. It is very important that every child is present in class for these activities, because many of them (such as the classroom discussions and cooperative work on graphic organizers) cannot be recreated. Each week, we will focus on a story from our textbook that strongly emphasizes the current reading skill, and we will have a test to measure our comprehension of that story.

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