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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Niece's Schedule
8:00-8:25        Arrival to class. Attendance, breakfast & lunch counts. Students start table work, or table toys.
                       Students go to restroom before breakfast and wash hands.
8:25-9:00        Breakfast
9:10-9:25        Bathroom and drink break
9:30-10:15      Circle Time (this varies, right now we are going to the jungle from 9:45 - 10:15 because of heat.)
10:15-11:00     Center Time (this also varies, we have computers on Mondays and Wednesdays.)
11:00-11:25 Computers on Mondays and Wednesdays.
11:30-12:00     Recess
12:00-12:30    Class goes inside and uses restroom and washes hands before eating lunch. (Review or story)
12:30-1:10       Lunch
1:10-1:30         Restroom
1:30 - 2:15      Rest Time
2:15-2:30       Snacks
2:00-2:30    Our jungle time when we do not go in the morning.
2:30-2:45       Review, get backpacks ready to go home
2:45-2:50       Line up
2:50-3:00       Go to cafeteria to dismiss car riders (Mrs. Niece does this)
3:00-3:10       My aid takes the bus riders to their bus.
3:00-3:30       Dismissal

Deanne Niece - Snack Calendar

Deanne Niece - Mrs. Niece's September calendar of events

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