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Week of September 1-5

Continue letter Nn.  Mr. N's Noisy Nose Trace and write the letter and say the sound.

Shape: Circle  Cindy Circle

Color: Green.    Thursday, we will wear something green and bring something green for our green poster. :)  Please don't buy something special for our color days, but if your child has something that color to wear, that would be great!

Continue working on Me books.

Bird Life Cycle

Community Helpers: Teacher, Bus Driver, Principal, Cafeteria Worker, & Librarian

Positional/Directional Words ; Large Motor Skills ; Count to 10

Week of September 8-12

Letter Ff. Ms. F's Funny Feet ATrace and write the letter and say the sound

Miss Fanny Frog, Funny Fish

Science: Friction Fred & Frog Life Cycle

Shape: Circle

Color: Yellow. Wear something yellow on Thursday, and bring something yellow for our yellow poster.

Nursury Rhyme: 1,2,3,4,5....Once I caught a fish alive.

Week of September 15-19

Letter Ff continued. THEME: Farm AnimalsScience:  

Community Helper: Farmer

Color: Blue. Wear something blue on Thursday,and bring something blue for our color poster.

Shape: Circle

Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Boy Blue

Make homemade butter and eat our butter with bread. Make Haystacks

Count to 10, Large Motor Skills, etc.

Week of September 22-26

Letter Aa. Ms. A Achoo & Apple Annie

Science: Andy Acid

Color: Red

Shape: Square

Count to 10, Patterns, Nature Walk, Season: Fall













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