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1st Spelling List


    August 25-29                         Sept. 2-5                        Sept. 8-12

(Sam, Come Back!)               (Pig in a Wig)               (The Big Blue Ox)

at                am                        in                fix              mom           ox

can             cat                        it                 lip               hot              lock

bat              mad                      did              mix             hop             mop

back           ran                       sit               pin              pot              got

dad             sack                     six              wig             pop             rock

way            on                        and             take            help            use



   Sept. 15-19                           Sept. 22-25                   Sept. 29-Oct.3

(A Fox and a Kit)                  (Get the Egg!)              (Animal Park)

nap             wins                     bed             net              run             bump

naps           fit                         men            leg              cut              jump

sit               fits                       red              jet               must           bus

sits              hit                        step            sled            sun             nut

win             hits                       ten              wet             up               rug

her              too                       saw             your           many                   into

                                                No School Friday

                                                Test on Thursday


       Oct. 6-10                                                      Oct.  13-17

(A Big Fish for Max)                               No test….FALL BREAK

ship                 fish                          begins the 16th

then                 shut

with                 rush

shell                shop

trash                        thin

want                        good



Books can be dangerous.  The best ones should be labeled, “This can change your life.”

                                                                                                            Helen Exley

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