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Dennis Yates

Hello.  My name is Dennis Yates.  Welcome to my Spanish 1 and 2 website! 



     Spanish 1 and 2 students are required to memorize 250 flashcards during each of the two years.  Free flashcards are available in my classroom.  Students preferring 3X5 cards or some other type are welcome to purchase their own.  Flashcards are required to be brought to class every day.


     *Parents,  please encourage your students to study flashcards at home a little each day.  I don't assign homework, so my students can focus on flashcards at home.  A little each day goes a long way.  I encourage "pain-free flashcard flashing."  This means that they should not struggle with words, phrases, or sentences they don't know yet.  Instead, calmly look at the meaning on the other side of the card and keep going.  "High reps and low stress" is my flashcard motto.  I will be available during the lunch period for students to come to my room for help or extra time to complete assignments.  The lunch period this year is from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  If you have time during lunch and need to meet with me, this would be a good time. 

     I keep all exams until parent-teacher meeting times.  You are more than welcome to look at your students' exams.  I don't keep the daily work because of the high volumn of papers from all my classes.  If your student is not scoring well on daily work, it is 99% of the time due to lack of effort or focus during class.  Also, I usually give a daily 10 point class participation grade.  If your student is not making all or almost all 10's, you may take that as a sign that there is a problem.  However, working hard and staying focused will solve most problems.


Thank you for visiting this website,

Señor Yates

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