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2016 Central District Interscholastic Contest in Wellston

1st Place Senior Livestock Team- Brittany Ramming, Ashton Hawkins, Cody Smith, and Cody Wright

       1st Sr Individual- Cody Smith

       3rd Sr Individual- Ashton Hawkins


1st Place Junior Livestock Team- Kydie Smith, Stratton Walck, Colt Jones, and Gunner Aprill

      1st Jr Individual- Colt Jones


2nd Place Entomology Team- Kyle Aprill, Grant Cleary, Trever Stelzig, and Bobby Pendegrass

      4th Individual- Kyle Aprill

      5th Individual- Bobby Pendegrass

      6th Individual- Grant Cleary


3rd Place Land Judging Team- Katy Kopischke, Tyler Stelzig, Tristan Emery, and Christian Hilderbrandt

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