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Lunch Schedule





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School Lunch

In the interest of our student’s health and safety, all students will eat in the school cafeteria.  Students may bring their lunch or purchase a meal in the lunchroom.  The only exception will be when a student is checked out through the office by his/her own parent or guardian for that day.  Students who are checked out to eat with their parent are to check back in through the office before the end of their noon recess period.

PK - 5th grade:  Regular Price for a 10 meal ticket is $10.00 for breakfast and $15.00 for lunch.  A reduced price ticket is $3.00 for breakfast and $4.00 for lunch.  Extra milk is 35¢.   1st grade through 5th grade students have the option of a hot tray lunch or sack lunch.   

We encourage healthy, nutritional choices for those students who choose to bring lunches and drinks from home.  Please do not send any glass containers.  We recommend that no foods of minimum nutritional value (FMNV) be brought to Lindsay Public Schools.  A definition of FMNV as well as healthy substitutes for school lunches and classroom snacks is included on the following page. 



Breakfast and lunch money can be prepaid into a student’s meal account. Students may also pay as they move through the meal line. Pre-paying by personal check is the preferred method.  At the beginning of each month the menus will be published in the local newspaper, and posted on the Lindsay School website.

Money left in a student’s account at the end of the year will be rolled over into the following year for his/her account. A parent/guardian may request in writing that the money be reimbursed to them at the end of the school year, or when the student is withdrawn from the district. If no written request is made, the money will roll over to the student’s account. When a student is withdrawn and a written request is not made within 10 days following the withdrawal, the money remaining in the student’s account will be considered property of the Child Nutrition Program and will not be refunded.