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The Foundation

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax exempt, volunteer organization. The Lindsay Education Foundation coordinates with school administrators to enrich the learning experience for students. Since its formation, the Lindsay Education Foundation has provided grants, scholarships, and awards to teachers and students.


Who benefits?

Students benefit from projects that emphasize new approaches to teaching and innovative programs which stimulate thought and expand the existing curriculum.

Teachers benefit because their innovative ideas can now be implemented. Creative programs that enhance the learning experience will be encouraged and rewarded.

Our community benefits by having a top-quality educational system which impacts not only the quality of life but also economic development.


Some other facts:

The Lindsay Education Foundation exists outside the formal operational boundaries of the school system, but in conformity with the Board of Education goals and objectives.


The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors selected to represent Lindsay. These directors receive no compensation for their service.

The Foundation targets teachers, programs and students. Foundation funds are not used for capital improvements nor for compensation payments to teachers; neither do they deal with issues covered by bond elections.

The Foundation is eligible for matching contributions by some employers and foundations.



Donation forms are available to print at the link below