Extra-Curricular Activities
High School Announcements
Check In to Check Out!

Students who leave school without checking out with the office will be given ISD.

NO Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be possessed on school campus from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm. . 

Piercings = ISD

Any student wearing jewelry or spacers in any piercing other than ears will be given one day of ISD.

Spanish Club




**Qualifications for Membership**

Members must be enrolled in Spanish I or Spanish II or have completed both.  Also,
students waiting to take Spanish 2 during 11th or 12th grade year.
**Club Goals**

1. promote the long-term learning of Spanish
2. give opportunities for leadership development
3. promote high academic achievement
4. promote community service(Currently we visit the Lindsay Manor
in December to sing and give a small gift to each resident.)


**Club Sponsor**

Señor Dennis Yates