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About Joe Thompson

      Hello, I am Mr. Thompson, and I teach sciences at Lindsay High School.  This year my load includes physical science, chemistry one and two, and physics.  No, this is not a picture of me; it is Ronald Wilson Reagan, the fortieth President of the United States.  I chose his picture because he was a calm, confident leader who inspired a tired, weary nation and showed us that we can do great things.  No, he was not perfect and his administration had its share of problems, but he was a pretty good leader.

My science training has two sides to it.  My first degrees were from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (Go Dogs!) in Weatherford.  That is the academic side.  The practical side comes from employment over the years and includes extensive electronics, chemical, and medical training through the United States Air Force (retired after thirty-two years).  Civilian experience includes jobs in the communications industry and work in chemical and electrical power plants.  The point is, "book-learning" is wonderful, but a little practical, hands-on experience makes it all come together.

My wife of twenty-one years also teaches at Lindsay High School where in addition to her class load she does a fine job of keeping me on the right track.  In our meager free time we enjoy spontaneous road trips to unusual places and watching our grandson in his athletic events.  We also take several train trips each year.  We enjoy the space and the relaxed atmosphere.

One of my hobbies is music.  I used to play several musical instruments (a couple fairly well) and still enjoy arranging and composing once in a while.

I hope you find my classes to be valuable and enjoyable.  To me science both asks and answers "Why?" and "What if?"  I will do my best to make what we cover in class relevant and to minimize your asking "When will we ever use this?"




Joe Thompson

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