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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule


        8:20 - 9:10                   1st hour – Electives

        9:15 - 10:15                  2nd hour - Homeroom 

       10:20 - 11:15                 3rd hour

       11:15 - 11:35                  Lunch                

       11:35 - 12:00                 Recess

       12:10 - 1:05                  4th hour

       1:10 - 2:05                    5th hour

        2:10 - 3:05                   6th hour      

        3:05 - 3:15                   Prepare for Dismassal


Each day, Math students will be responsible for putting all COMPLETED assignments in their classroom binder.  If they do not finish, then it becomes homework and will be returned to their binder the NEXT DAY.  All assignments for the week will be graded in the classroom on Fridays. If the student does not have all assignments ready to grade on Friday, then it becomes a late assignment and they will receive only 70% possible points.   

At the beginning of each class, students will complete one page of their Instant Replay.  An Instant Replay is a review of previous lessons.  These assignments are short and are required to be completed in 10-15 minutes. Afterwhich, a student will be selected to "teach" the review to the other students.  The Instant Replay cannot be taken home to complete.  After approximately 15 minutes of instruction on new lessons, students will have 15-20 minutes to complete assignments.  Therefore, students should not have excessive homework in Math class. 

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