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Kindness Matters

Do you know how important it is to spread kindness? Kindness is one of the most important things these days, especially in our schools. Our world can be a very dark world, so sometimes that can rub off on us, which isn’t good. I always hear adults say that our world is so unkind. Well, we could be the change to that! 

There are many ways you could show kindness. Sometimes the smallest things can touch a person’s heart. Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word to show kindness; actions are very important. Holding the door open for someone, or giving them a big bright smile. By just doing those small things, you can make a difference. 

But sometimes words can be important too. Things like saying please and thank you, greetings in the hallways, or asking someone how their day is going can make someone’s day better. It can be super hard to control what you say because a lot of the time we want to say what’s on our mind. But, like many people say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.” That quote has always stuck with me through the years because it’s so true. If you said what was on your mind all the time, it would be so unkind and we don’t want that. 

At times we may disagree with our classmates, or even our teachers. Strong opinions can cause disagreements which can lead into big fights. To avoid this, when you are discussing, use a soft calm voice, listen to what they have to say, make eye contact, and don’t be rude. Don’t raise your voice and get upset with them. Oftentimes you may have to say you agree to disagree and go back to being friends. Keep calm and stay kind. 

I hope this article encourages you to spread kindness to one another. I understand it can be hard, but always try your absolute hardest. We don’t want to go to school each day and be in an upset mood because of people being unkind. That’s why we all have to step up and show our kindness. Always remember your actions and words can go a long way, so you just say and do kind things. Now the one question remains, how will you show kindness? 

Article by Kloey Smith (8th grade)