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  Devious Licks Trend Has Real Consequences

A new TikTok trend has emerged that has students vandalizing or stealing from the school. Popular items include fire extinguishers, soap dispensers, furniture, or anything that students can get their hands on. The trend can be funny, but we, as students, do not condone this behavior! 

We sat down with the administration to hear their input. “We are well aware of the TikTok trend, and I would like to encourage our Middle School students to rise above and not participate in this fad. The repercussions are not worth the short-term social media fame. Our faculty and staff work really hard to keep our school nice,” said Mrs.Lawrence, Middle School Counselor. “One way to prove you are rising above is by participating in the Citizens Caring for Children Charity”, Mrs. Lawrence said. “I know  kids are gonna be ornery, but there is no place for that”, said Mr. Ferguson, Middle School Principal. 

We have learned that the trend is mainly going on in high school, and one student has already been caught and suspended. TikTok has removed the sound from all videos to slow the trend, removed the hashtags, and other steps to remove the videos to slow the trend. We just hope this fad goes out of style as quickly as the Tide Pod Challenge did. 

Article by: Creede Taylor (8th grade), Gisselle Aquino (8th grade), and Caleb Snow (8th grade)