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Sixth Grade Leopardette Basketball is Fired Up!

My name is Emma Rains, and I recently sat down with Jewell Bridwell for a fun discussion about the upcoming season and what it’s like to be on the team.  The team has been practicing ever since school started in August. There are several playing basketball this year-approximately 16 girls! The team is working on ball-handling skills and are scrimmaging each other on Fridays. They are looking better and better every day! The season kicks off with a tournament on October 8, so come out and support the Leopardettes!!!  

Jewell’s enthusiasm about basketball shines through in our discussion...

Q:  -Why did you start playing basketball? 

A:  “Because it’s something I love to do.”

Q:  - What is your favorite thing to do? A:  “I like when we do layups.”

Q:  -When did you start playing? A:  “When I was 8-in elementary”

Q:  -Where did you start playing?  A: “I started playing in the OLD old gym.”

Q:  -What do you like least about basketball?  A:  “Losing and people being ball hogs.”

Q:  -If you had to pick a favorite coach, who would it be? 

A:  “Coach Kader.”

Q:  -If you had a tip for people who play what would you say? A:  “If you have a basketball at home, lay down on the floor and practice your form by shooting it up in the air.”

Article by Emma Rains (7th grade), Ava Hassler (6th grade), and Jewell Bridwell (6th grade)