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AC/DC vs DAY6 

(Old Band vs. New Band)

AC/DC is a classic, hard rock band.  Meanwhile, DAY6 is a new rock band that varies in their own style of rock- swaying from traditional rock to soft rock. 

A Brief History of AC/DC

AC/DC was formed in 1973 in Australia by guitarist Malcolm Young after his previous band, The Velvet Underground, collapsed. The band moved to Melbourne the following year, where drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Mark Evans, joined the lineup.

Jae Diaz’s (6th grade) opinion on AC/DC: It's kind of… screamy? But I don't judge. The rock is hard rock, but it is pretty good!             

Jae’s fav member: Brian Johnson

Why?: I like his cap and his voice.  

How DAY6 Got Together

      In 2014, the band began promotions by appearing on the fourth episode of Mnet’s reality-survival program Who is Next: Win and releasing a song called “Lovely Girl” as part of the original soundtrack of 2013 TV series Bel Ami. In mid-2015, drummer Dowoon joined the line-up and the band was renamed DAY6. 


Ellis Delk’s (8th grade) opinion on DAY6: I LOVE it! I like that they make more than one type of rock music.

Ellis’ fav member: Young K

Why?: He is Swaggy.


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Article by Ellis Delk (8th grade) and Jae (Amari) Diaz (6th grade)