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Middle School Athlete Spotlight

Creed Taylor

Born and raised in Lindsay, Oklahoma, Creed Taylor is a 14-year-old eighth grade student at Lindsay Middle School where he is a multi-sport athlete. Creed plays football and basketball, and participates in weightlifting during the off-season. He is a member of the Student Council and attends Calvary Baptist Church. Creed is also left-handed, and his main goal in life is to play basketball at the highest level. 

We recently interviewed Creed about the current football season . . .  

Q: How do you feel about the future of your football team?

A: I feel like we have a good opportunity to have a great football team. We have a promising quarterback, wide receiver group, and line.

Q: As the center of your football team, do you feel any pressure while playing?

A: 110%, you have to get the snap perfect and just at the right speed, or the play won’t work.

Q: Do you like home games or away games, and why?

A: I love home games. I like seeing all the girls in the stands.

Q: If you got to choose which position you play, what would you choose? 

A: I would be tight end and put Caleb at quarterback.

Q: What is your pregame routine to help prepare you for games?

A: I tape my wrist, write my number and Bible verse on my wrist, and listen to my playlist.

Q: What players do you look up to and why?

A: I look up to Tim Tebow because he is a good role model for Christian athletes and Carmelo Anthony because he is a stud.

Q: Who do you think sets a bad example for athletes?

A: Patrick Beverly because he is a dirty player.    

 By Isaac Cameron (7th grade), Will Lawrence (7th grade) & Luke Parker (7th grade)