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Sitting Down With Mr. Ferguson

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the principal? We went straight to the source with an interview with Mr. Ferguson, Principal at Lindsay Middle School, about what it's really like being in charge of so many kids! When asked how long he has been a principal, Mr. Ferguson said for 10 years. Does Mr. Ferguson enjoy being a principal? According to him, yes he does. When asked if it is hard being a principal, Mr. Ferguson replied that there’s always something new so it's not bad. Does he think he will still be a principal in 5 years? He thinks he definitely will. Why did Mr. Ferguson want to be a principal? His response was that he likes the fact that every day is different, and he enjoys the teachers and staff. 

Mr. Ferguson is married to Mrs. Amy Ferguson, who teaches 2nd grade at Lindsay Elementary, and they have two kids: Ty, a Junior at LHS and Allie, a Sophomore at LHS. This is Mr. Ferguson’s 26th year in education. He received a Bachelor's degree at Northwestern University and continued his education at OU. When Mr. Ferguson was in the classroom, he taught Science and coached football. What does he do in his free time? Mr. Ferguson enjoys watching football, mowing lawns with his son, and hanging out with his family. The last question we asked our principal was what are his greatest strengths? He commented, “The idea is to be here  every day.”

Article by Bailey Smith (6th grade) and Lana Lane (6th grade)